Permanent Birth Control Procedures

Permanent Birth Control Procedure Available In-Office

Permanent birth control for women has now become even more convenient.

For more than three years our team of obstetricians and gynecologists has performed a procedure called Essure. Essure is a fairly new option for women who have made the decision to permanently prevent future pregnancies.

During the procedure, the physician uses a scope to place soft, flexible coils through the vagina into each fallopian tube. The coils are made with materials that have been used in medical devices for many years and do not release hormones into the body.

During the first three months following the procedure, the body and the coils will work together to form a tissue barrier so that sperm cannot reach the egg. At three months your physician will take an x-ray test called an HSG to assure your tubes are completely blocked and there is no chance of pregnancy. Until you have verification from your physician you will need to use another form of birth control.

Essure is not reversible and women should be sure they do not want to have children in the future.

Benefits of Essure:

• Effective – the procedure is 99.80% effective at preventing pregnancy.
• Covered by most insurance plans -many insurance plans cover the Essure procedure and typically only a co-pay is required. Please review your insurance coverage with your physician prior to the procedure.
• No incisions – there is absolutely no cutting or puncturing the body and it does not crush or burn the fallopian tubes.
• Rapid recovery – On average it takes 35 minutes to insert the coils into place, and most patients are able to leave the medical facility within 45 minutes of the procedure. Nearly all women can return to normal activity within one to two days.

You should not have the Essure procedure if you:

• Are not sure you want to become sterile
• Have had a prior tubal ligation (tubes tied)
• Have a known allergy to contrast dye ( used for x-ray testing)
• Have a sensitivity to nickel

There may be other reasons which your physician will discuss with you.
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