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summer swimming water safety / May 27, 2021

As the children finish with school and enter summer break they will be heading to the water. It’s important to remember to be safe around any body of water whether it is a pool in the backyard, the ocean, or on the lake. Drowning can happen in an instant. Designate an adult to be the “Water Watcher” and give them a whistle or a hat. The adults can take turns during the event to keep the focus on the children in and around the water. A very important detail for this role is to remain focused on the water and not on a phone, book, or tablet. Remember boat safety as you head to the lake. Children of all ages should wear a life vest when on an open body of water. Remind teens of water safety, water currents, and safe diving practices. Summer is a great time to learn how to swim for adults and children. CPR classes are also a great precaution especially if you plan to be around the water often with children. Summer is a time for fun and sun! Let’s make it a safe summer too!

If your child is in need of swimming lessons, here are a few to choose from.
Tyler Parnell: 870-926-9563
Kirby Smith: 870-926-9563
School of Yaya’s Fishes: 870-926-0069

For CPR Training, please contact the Jonesboro Fire Department.

Camille Chan, DO
NEA Baptist Pediatric Clinic
(870) 936-7937

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