NEA Baptist Orthopedic Team First in the Region to Introduce NAVIO Robotic Surgery

/ April 30, 2019

Accuracy and precision is the key to success in any surgical procedure. NEA Baptist Orthopedics has teamed with Smith & Nephew to introduce the NAVIO Robotic Surgery System for total knee replacement. This state of the art robot will assist the surgeon in providing advanced planning software which allows the surgeon to tailor the procedure to the unique shape and motion of the knee.

Already a leader in joint replacement surgery, NEA Baptist is the only provider in the region offering this advanced technology. Dr. Jason Brandt, Orthopedic Surgeon at NEA Baptist explains the benefits of the NAVIO Robotic Surgery, “The robotic technology enables the surgeon to plan the procedure on a 3D virtual model of the knee.  This process calculates the optimal size and positioning of implants before ever making a resection on the bone. The ability to make small incremental adjustments was not possible prior to the robotic assistance.”  Find out if you would be a candidate for NAVIO Robotic Surgery by contacting NEA Baptist Orthopedics, 870-936-8000.

NEA Baptist Health System comprises NEA Baptist Clinic, NEA Baptist Memorial Hospital, and NEA Baptist Fowler Family Center for Cancer Care. The 228-bed hospital offers cancer care, heart care through the Heart Center, labor and delivery services through the hospital’s Women’s Center, as well as a number of inpatient and outpatient services, emergency care, and surgical services including weight loss surgery, neurology, respiratory care, and pulmonary rehabilitation. NEA Baptist Clinic’s over 110 physicians practice in more than 35 specialties and offer a wealth of services, from pediatrics to orthopedic services.

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