National Nutrition Month

/ March 11, 2022

I work with NEA in the Food and Nutrition department and throughout most of my adult life I have struggled with proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. Over the years I have tried several fad diets, but they didn’t give me the sustainable results I was looking for. I have made changes over the years with fad diets trying new eating styles but never have had any sustainable results. Until two years ago, I didn’t really practice good nutrition; I ate for enjoyment, not for nutrition. It was in June of 2020 that I continued my education and partnered with a health coach to get serious about weight management and eating for nutritional benefits. I was able to finally shred 75 pounds just by eating correctly and staying active. I didn’t join a gym, just ate healthy, correct portions of lean proteins and non-starchy vegetables and the good carbs and spend a little extra time playing with my son. While I was doing this, I truly learned what nutrition was and how vital it is for quality of life.  I have kept off the weight by learning my body and what works for me. This is why National Nutrition Month is so important, if it encourages people like me to make a positive lifestyle change for themselves, then the month is not wasted. I am thankful each day for the health coach that assisted me and that I actually took charge of my nutrition and now have the opportunity to impact those around me to do the same. I would recommend taking the time to find what works for you and find someone to hold you accountable for maintaining your nutrition.

Andrew Spencer | Director | Food & Nutrition | NEA Baptist

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