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Healthy Living Personal Care Weight Loss / December 5, 2017

Since 1980, the number of people considered overweight has grown more than 130%. Currently, more than two thirds of our nation’s population is overweight and Arkansas is ranked one of the most obese states in our country.

Obesity presents may risk factors: type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, stroke, sleep apnea, joint pain and disease, cancer, and depression. The risks involved in excess weight are so great it is now considered a chronic disease itself.

Current research has uncovered genetic links to obesity and those who are predisposed to it. Yet, many patients still go untreated. Most of us seek outside sources to lose those unwanted pounds. We join commercial weight loss programs trying one diet trend after another. The result is a vicious cycle that usually leads to more weight gain. The effect of the yo-yo dieting only leads to lower metabolism, loss of muscle mass, and excess hunger.

Our weight management program at NEA Baptist Clinic is different. It is a medically managed weight loss program that is designed to walk you through the phases of weight loss while equipping you with the tools to maintain the new weight once you have completed the program. Through behavioral modification, meal replacement supplements, medication, nutritional counseling, and exercise, we offer a program that is comprehensive and individualized.

How is our program different from other weight loss programs? NEA Baptist Weight Management Clinic is a team of healthcare professionals monitoring your weekly progress and safely shaping your goals based on your health. It is not just a “diet plan” but a lifestyle change that includes the physical, emotional, and mental aspects of weight gain. It is not a “one size fits all” diet program. It is customized to fit you and your needs. It is patient-centered. Unlike a commercially ran program, NEA Baptist Weight Management Clinic works with your doctor and healthcare team to customize a weight loss plan tailored to your specific health Concerns.

Lack of success, inability to maintain weight loss, stress, poor health, and depression are just a few barriers that prevent us from being successful at losing weight and keeping it off. However, one of the main reasons we cannot successfully lose the weight and maintain is lack of knowledge on how to do so. Weight loss can be easy to accomplish, but difficult to maintain. The program we have developed at NEA Baptist Weight Management Clinic will not only guide you through the success of losing the weight, but will be there with you to maintain it. Through medical management, nutritional education, behavioral modification, and exercise, we will teach you the skills for continued success and not continued dependence.

If you have wanted to lose weight and feel better, give us a call and schedule a consultation visit with Angela Jones, APRN, Certified Health Coach and Weight Management Consultant. 870-333-LOSE

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