Insurance and Fees

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Read here for an important message about Medicare benefits.


NEA Clinic’s insurance department files each patient’s claims with their primary and secondary insurance carriers. This includes all commercial carriers as well as Medicare and Medicaid. Patients are requested to assist by bringing all insurance information at the time of their first visit. If there is only one insurance carrier, clinic policy requires payment of 20% at that time, plus any deductible not met for the year. If there is no insurance coverage, payment in full is customary, unless other arrangements have been made prior to the clinic visit.


Financial responsibility for medical services lies with the patient and not an insurance company or government agency. Patients are expected to keep their accounts current.


Fees will vary for various conditions, but generally reflect the specialized ability and time devoted to each problem. Return visits require less extensive evaluation and time with the doctor; accordingly, fees are lower. Our policy is open disclosure of fees to our patients at any time upon request.