Heart & Vascular

Your Heart, Our Priority
Cardiology, Cardiovascular  & Thoracic SurgeryVascular Surgery

With a personalized approach to cardiac care, NEA Baptist Heart & Vascular makes you feel like you’re part of the family. We treat you with compassion and expertise, and state-of-the-art facilities and technology provide unmatched patient safety and experience!

Mahesh Aradhya, MD
Nephertiti Efeovbokhan, MD
Matt Haustein, MD
Michael Isaacson, MD
Purush Muthusamy, MD
D. V. Patel, MD
Eumar Tagupa, MD
Robert Taylor, MD
Anthony White, MD
Margaret Cooper, APRN
Teri Horne, APRN
Brooke Pruitt, APRN
Jennifer Smith, APRN
Kirk Williamson, APRN

Cardiovascular  & Thoracic Surgery
Richard Stevenson, MD FACS
Deborah Fairchild, APRN

Vascular Surgery
Mark Wright, MD FACS

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