Best Products to Help You Through Each Trimester

Pregnancy Women's Health / June 6, 2018

Being pregnant is a very exciting time during a woman’s life, but it can also be a little daunting. Your body goes through a lot of changes—some changes are expected and some are complete surprises.

Luckily, millions of women have paved the path before you and have plenty of recommendations on how to combat everything, from morning sickness to sleep complications.

Here are some favorite products to help you through each trimester of your pregnancy

First trimester:

  • First, talk to your doctor about starting a daily vitamin.
  • During this “in-between stage” when your regular pants won’t button, but maternity clothes are still too big, consider using a belly band. It’s the perfect solution to keep you in your pre-pregnancy clothes a little longer.
  • Preggie Pops are naturally flavored lollipops and lozenges to help curb your morning sickness. Made with essential oils, they are natural, drug-free and come in a variety of flavors.
  • Some pregnant women leave peppermints, crackers, or other snacks on the bedside table to curb nausea before getting out of bed.
  • A comfy cotton bra without an underwire is just what you need for tender breasts that develop during the first trimester before you are ready for a maternity bra.

Second trimester:

  • Your belly is starting to pop now, which may make finding a comfortable sleeping position a little challenging. Consider investing in a body pillow such as the c-curve or u-curve pillow. These will likely be most comfortable and will help you stay positioned on your left side.
  • It’s probably time to head to your local maternity clothing store and stock up. Most of your regular clothes are unlikely to fit any longer. To keep from breaking the bank for clothing items you will only wear for six months, check out this list of maternity wear essentials.
  • As your belly continues to grow, you will want to start applying cocoa butter lotion daily to reduce your chances of developing stretch marks.

Third trimester:

  • During your third trimester, as your baby drops into your pelvis, you may feel significant pressure and some pain. A maternity support band can be worn discreetly under your clothes and will help support your continuous-growing belly.
  • If you’re planning to breastfeed, now is also the time to purchase nursing bras, camisoles and shirts to pack in your hospital bag.



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