Women’s Health Talk

/ March 3, 2020

On Wednesday, March 11th NEA Baptist will host a panel discussion and free luncheon, Women’s Health Talk, at Southwest Church of Christ, 1601 James Street in Jonesboro from 11:30am -1:00pm.  An open forum discussion on topics that influence women’s health will be led by Director of Clinical Operations Kate Reid with Dr. Kristin Owens from the NEA Baptist Women’s Clinic and Radiologist Dr. Heidi Umphrey answering questions from the audience throughout the event.

Doors will open at 11:30am, allowing participants time to browse several different health education resources. The program, including a complimentary lunch, will begin at 12:00pm.

Dr. Owens and the NEA Baptist Women’s Clinic are dedicated to caring for the unique needs of women with a focus on comfortable, patient-focused care. Our team of physicians can advise on contraception, perform routine yearly check-ups, and help restore normal levels of health when problems occur.

Dr. Umphrey and the NEA Baptist Breast Imaging Center utilizes the most current research and state of the art technology to serve patients with screening mammograms, diagnostic mammograms, ultrasounds, breast MRI, stereotactic, MR breast biopsies and more.

HealthTalk tickets can be picked up at the NEA Baptist Clinic lobby, located at 4802 E Johnson, NEA Baptist Wellness Center located at 2617 Phillips Drive or reserved online at:


Tickets are limited and given out first come, first serve.

For more information about NEA Baptist, please call 870-936-1000 or visit www.neabaptist.com.

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